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Geology & 3D Digitization

In 2020, a digitisation program was completed to leverage the historical mine data collected over a 95-year period to identify and prioritize high grade silver targets, as summarized within the below video. Data has been inputted from over 180,000 meters of drilling from 3,500 historic drill-holes and hundreds of detailed historic mine geology maps capturing all major faults and veins, alterations, mineralization and stratigraphy.

Watch our Digitization of Historical Data video

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Digitization and subsequent 3D modeling and analysis has enabled creation of a comprehensive fault model. This has allowed for the exploration targets envisioned by the prior generation of geologists to be reconstructed and pinpointed as well as facilitating the identification of movement vectors along structures. Crucially, this allows targeting of offset portions of veins with historic high-grade silver production, and projection of structures controlling silver-lead mineralization into preferential host rocks across offsetting structures, well outside of historically mined or explored areas.

The 3D modeling has allowed for a reconstruction of rock units and vein structures to their position prior to post-mineral fault offsets, providing a new level of interpretation on controls of mineralization, and enabling projection of vein segments offset by these faults. This in turn has informed the ongoing development exploration targets aimed at specific offsets of veins with historic high-grade silver production and target the exact host rock with the best potential for thicker vein widths.

Future Exploration

Exploration Geophysics

A 3D IP geophysical survey was completed on the South and Southwest portions of the Bunker Hill land package. This area has favorable geology from both a rock type and structural perspective. The initial results show there are three targets that warrant additional work. The additional work will commence in Q2 of 2024 with a field IP and geological mapping to enhance the current data interpretation.

Rare Earth Elements Mineralization

Initial samples have been taken from the existing workings at the Bunker Hill Mine. These samples have shown elevated levels of Gallium and Indium are present in the ore body. Additional samples are underway of mill concentrate from a previous owner to help understand the potential for the Bunker Hill mine to be a domestic source for rare earth minerals.

2024 Drill Plan

For 2024 the Bunker Hill has a plan to drill over 2,100 meters (7,000 feet) of core both to confirm the existing historical resource and to convert a significant volume of the inferred resource to M&I. We will be using modern drilling and assay protocols to ensure confidence in the results. All historical holes in the initial start-up area are going to be twinned. Twinning the holes will give a good indication of the confidence that can be used with the historical drilling results. The 2024 drilling will conclude by Q4 2024 and an updated resource model will be published in early 2025 reflecting the drill results.

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