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Digbee ESG™ Certified

ESG Certified 

Bunker Hill is partnering with Digbee (https://thedigbee.com/esg) and leaders in the ESG world to develop a right-sized, future-looking and industry approved set of frameworks for all stages of junior mining companies to assess and disclose their ESG metrics while ensuring best practice. This outcome based approach has recognised over 30 initiatives and reporting frameworks, is practical and addresses real risk. The questionnaire is accompanied with clear rationale and guidance. Submitted annually, through a Board Approval process, Digbee ESG allows comparison to peers, helps management improve their process to manage risk and will become the benchmark for engagement with capital providers and other stakeholders.

Digbee ESG at the G7 Summit: Full Length Video

Digbee ESG at the G7 Summit: Full Length Video

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